Sunday Readings 9-18-2011

First off, Happy Birthday to Panel Patter contributor Erica!  

Now, let's see what we can find for her to read today, shall we?  Today's links are all tailored to things my wonder wife might be interested in.  Enjoy!

I remember a long time ago, John Byrne suggested that Previews might be the cause of why so many fans were disappointed that major stories did not turn out as they'd hoped.  I wonder what he thinks now, given the internet boom and the rise of giving out story details in advance as a way to generate major buzz.  At any rate, Michael May from Robot 6 has some thoughts on the subject, based on a study conducted about spoilers.  Major props for the image choices in the article.

Calamities of Nature explains why most geeks finally decide to have children.

Chris Sims of Comics Alliance has been feeling kinda negative lately, focusing on the problems (as he sees them) of the DC relaunch.  Here's an older article where he revels in the comic book-ness of comics, the ever-fun cover-blurb.

This is such an appropriate comic, given that there's a chill in the air.

Finally, Never, ever call a cat cute.

Happy Sunday, everyone!