Help Me Find a Niche in the DCnU!

Well, it's been a month, and boy does DC have everyone talking, both good and bad!

I admit I was totally tempted to get all 52 titles, but paying $150 for comics I might not like just to be part of a crazy experiment was a bit much for me.  (I could have done it cheaper, but only by having print copies, and I don't want print copies anymore, whenever I can help it.)  It's been a blast reading reactions from everyone from David Brothers to KC Carlson on the re-launch, but now it's time for me to actually sit down and pick some titles to follow in the old-school way--issue by issue.

After entirely too much thought, I decided 5 titles was a good number.  I can pick up others at a later date, either by library trade, sale, or just cherry-picking by story arc.

So the question is--which five?

The answer is...I have no idea.
I know what I want from these five, but I don't know which ones are best served to give it to me.  If I am going to read month to month, I want a story that reads relatively completely and has competent art and scripting.  Justice League 1 was a good comic--I liked it better than I expected--but it's paced to read as a trade.  Might as well wait on it and buy it all at once, when it's cheaper.  I am putting no preconceived notions on writers I already know in this case--I'm giving 'em a clean slate.

I'm extremely active on Twitter, which has the concept of Follow Friday.  For this Follow Friday, help me pick five titles to follow from the new DC offerings!  Drop me a line in the comments with the five titles you think I should pick up.  I'm grateful for the help.