Sunday Readings 8-14-11

While I prepare for the Philly Alternative Comi-Con, why not have some Sunday readings?

First up, Rob Ullman proves he can make anything cute by drawing an adorable sloth.

Meanwhile, My Cardboard Life turns into My Cardboard Cosplay, Harry Potter edition. I am always extremely impressed by the work turned in by Ms. Rice. This is a webcomic you should be reading on a regular basis.

There was so much information coming out of the San Diego Comi-Con that folks are still posting about it. Here is part one and part two of Deb Aoiki's conversations with the JManga folks. It's long, but interesting if you are following the digital comics revolution here in America. Incidentally, I saw a tweet to the effect that the Japanese digital comics market is something like 100 times bigger than the US right now. Yikes!

Did all that reading make you hungry? Ryan North can help you make chili!

Speaking of the show in Philly today, here's a nice spotlight and interview with Carolyn Belefski.

It's really hard to go a week without finding something cool from the little stuffed bull. Here's a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Fantastic Four that must have taken his poor paws forever to put together. Don't forget to read the alt text!

This article from Newsarama on digital comics has many flaws, not the least of which is the site's seeming inability to notice there are more than two comics publishers, but it's a nice place to start the conversation.

Speaking of digital, it looks like the Peanuts gang isn't quite sure how to make it work yet.

Forsooth! Bug points out the flaws in being a sword merchant in this modern era.

Robert Crumb gets mad because someone doesn't like his comics. Way to stand behind your work by just running away instead of facing your accusers.

Here's a great article on the early years of the late Gene Colan.

Cliff Chiang draws a personal favorite, Dazzler.

Have a great Sunday! Can't wait to talk tomorrow about the Comi-Con! See you then!