Baltimore Comic Con 2011 Special: Creators You Should Find in Artist Alley

It almost time for the Baltimore Comic Con! It's time for the comics world to shine right here in my own hometown, and I couldn't be happier! The show is being held at the Baltimore Convention Center on August 20th from 10am to 6pm and August 21st from 10am to 5pm.

Wrapping up our three-part series of posts previewing the Con, it's time to look at some of wonderful folks you can meet over the next two days in Artist Alley at the show. Now keep in mind that these are the smaller press folks, not the ones designated as guests. I love Mark Waid, and if you get a chance, you should totally go say hello. Same for Charles Vess, Stan Sakai, Amanda Conner, and any number of the great, familiar names at the show. But they don't need a lot of attention. The list below are folks who might otherwise slip under the radar, and they've got great comics for you to read. Don't miss them!

Here is the complete list of folks in Artist Alley for the Baltimore Comic Con. My highlights are below, in the same order as on the show's list.

I think the real reason Chris named it Adhouse books was so that he was always on the top of lists like this. Regardless, Adhouse has a wide-ranging selection of excellent books from people like Eisner Nominee Jim Rugg, Stuart Immonen, and others. Go see what Chris has on hand this time around. You never know what hidden gems might be found at his table.

This will be the second show in a week where I get to see Carolyn Belefski and Curls Studio, which is of course a good thing! She'll have stuff from her webcomic as well as a few of other other projects on hand. Be sure to check our her samples from Sketch Before Sleep.

This will also be my second time seeing Chandra Free, who drew an awesome Batman sketch for me (in crayon!) at the Comics Geek Speak Supershow. I've since had the chance to look at her work more closely via digital sample, and it is amazing. There's a strong Jill Thompson vibe while still keeping her own feel. I will be making a beeline to her table to get The God Machine before she runs out of copies. You should, too, if you like gothic-themed comics.

Dave Wachter is a favorite of mine, as many of you know from my frequent linking to his blog on Sunday Readings. He should have some sketchbooks on hand, along with new material related to one of his webcomics, if I remember correctly. You should check him out, and consider a commission.

George O'Connor is the author behind the spectacular Olympians series, which recasts the Greek Gods as superhero-like figures while retaining their original myths. If he has any of the books on hand, pick one up.

Katie Omberg is also another personal favorite who is currently working her way through a series of autobiographical stories that mesh well with the It Gets Better Project. She also does retail horror story comics, which are always good therapy. Make sure you look at what she has new for this year.

I loved Kill Shakespeare to death, and they're premiering Kill Shakespeare accessories here in Baltimore! How cool is that?

Matt Petz created the fun Tyrannosaurus Beth and is also behind the digital comic War of the Woods, which looks at the War of the Worlds through the eyes of animals. He's also no slouch at sketching. Make sure you stop by his table, and he'll probably be near other cool webcomics folks as well.

Digging into Digital interviewee Mike Maihack will be back again this year, with paper copies of Cleopatra in Spaaaace!, one of my favorite webcomics. Make sure you grab both volumes. I can't wait to get my pre-order at the show on Sunday.

Rafer Roberts is probably tired of saying hello to me by now, we see each other at shows so much this year. This is the third time around, and so I get to once again remind you to buy Plastic Farm, which is an amazing, creepy story of epic proportions. Rafer is also part of a new anthology, so pick that up, too, while you're at it.

Top Shelf is one of my most-reviewed publishers, so I am always happy to see them at a show. There's new kids material, new Moore's League, new naughty comics in Chester 5000, and a new book from Robert Vendetti, the Homeland Directive, among many others. Take some time to see what they have in store for you!

I'm sure I'm missing some folks I wanted to highlight, and I'm sure I'll realize it the second I get to the show, see them, and then blush accordingly. My apologies in advance! No matter what, there is a ton of talent in the ranks at the Baltimore Comic Con. Go see them on August 20th and 21st!