Sunday Readings 7-17-11

Let's see what this Sunday brings, shall we?

Everybody's getting on the G+ bandwagon. (somewhat NSFW)

On a more serious note, Lori Henderson talks about what's out there for kids in the all-ages department and Brigid Alverson has the more general manga round-up for MTV.

If you're looking to get more specific with a title that's definitely in print and available, Ed Sizemore provides a good review of Vertical's 7 Billion Needles, a series I need to read soon, based on Ed's excellent work here.

Meanwhile, Johanna Draper Carlson, Ed's partner in crime at Comics Worth Reading, pretty much covers everything I might have said about this Diamond Digital debacle if I'd sat down to write a post, so please make sure you go read it. As she states, this is a solution in search of a problem. I'm sorry to the retailers, but I don't need you to get my digital comics and the idea of needing a "reading copy" is almost as 1990s as the DC revamp, if I might adjust slightly a joke Johanna makes to me in the comments. The only thing I think I can add here is that the comics industry seems to want digital, but not realize what wanting digital actually means in the medium term. It's going to be interesting to see how this all plays out, but let's just say I wouldn't buy an ownership stake in a pure comics store right now.

Speaking of the 1990s, everyone's favorite little stuffed bull, Bully, takes down Marvel's clear priority on sucky new characters when they made their 1990s trading cards. No classic Norse figures, but plenty of Gambit. 'Nuff said!

Sometimes looking at how art is created is boring. Not in the case of Dustin Harbin, who breaks things down here so well that even I, a non-artist, could easily understand what he was doing. Mr. Harbin needs to have a bit more self-confidence in himself, though--he's a good cartoonist in his own right and is not living in the shadow of others.

I love when people on the Covered Blog aren't afraid to take chances with the original. He's a version of Tin Tin that Joe Quesada wouldn't like at all.

I also love monsters. So, apparently, does Chris Samnee.

Lastly, I know I keep posting geisha drawings, but Bristolwhip keeps putting out awesome geisha sketches. They might have been saving one of the best for last, courtesy of Calamity Jon.

Have a great Sunday!