Sunday Readings 7-10-11

Good Morning! Here are some Sunday readings for your viewing pleasure.

Comics Alliance starts off our Sunday with a spotlight on the quality linework of the under-appreciated Mike Zeck.

Meanwhile, Dustin Harbin shows off his chops in a salute to Britain's best import.

And now for something completely different: Brigid Alverson shows us how to be a manga fan on a budget.

Allan Harvey has some words on Steve Ditko, one of my favorite older artists. Ditko is actually still making comics, though they're so buried in his crazed philosophy I doubt if they're readable. Harvey's point about Ditko phoning it in at times is clear if you ever see him draw the Fantastic four anytime after 1966.

Michael Nimmo peers in at where digital sales are coming from for the comic In Maps and Legends. I am quite surprised to see how the Kindle and Nook (presumably color) factor in to the sales numbers.

Back to sketches and stuff, here's Mike Maihack doodling a Star Trek woman.

Comics Cavern spotlights a Bob Layton Iron Man.

Hungry enough to savage a homeworld? Grek Pak shared this via 4th Letter.

Michael Doran of Newsarama wants to know why DC doesn't just turn its comics into television seasons.

Lastly, if you're missing Fantasy Football, why not give Fantasy Literary Comics a try?

Have a great Sunday, everyone!