Sunday Readings 7-03-11

Good afternoon, on this holiday weekend! As I spend some time preparing to move, why don't you spend some time looking over things I liked from this past week...

Assuming you make it past that one safely, have a look at the lengthy replies to the Comics Beat's request for webcomics, along with the follow-up post. A podcast I listened to recently said there are something on the order of 15,000 to 18,000 webcomics. That'll keep Count Von Count busy for a bit, now won't it?

The ever-excellent David Brothers has a suggestion for digital comics: Collect for the trade!

This is not comics strictly speaking, but I'm sure Marvel will have an adaptation out sometime around Thanksgiving. Newsarama goes behind the scenes at the new Muppet Movie.

Speaking of the Muppets, check out this Animal from Scott Morse.

Drew Weing gives a brief update on his upcoming plans. Cool to see comics translated into other languages!

Ming Doyle knocks two sketches out of the park here, first a tattoo and then a geisha. Recent Panel Patter interview subject Mike Maihack also has a pretty nifty geisha as well. Thomas Perkins prefers Super-Geisha, while Brianne Drouhard opts for a robot-kitty. These are all from Bristolwhip, a great artist collective blog.

Want a Star Trek parody? Don't want one? Bah, read this anyway, it's hysterical. I hope they get to keep going. Have a sense of humor, rights-holding types!

Have a great 4th of July! Panel Patter will be back on Tuesday.