Digging into Digital: Captain America on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited

The Panel Patter spotlight on Captain America continues!

As regular readers know, I have a Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited subscription. Just for fun, I thought I'd see just how many comics they have listed under Captain America.

The answer?

439, or just about as many as the number of times the Red Skull has turned out to not, in fact, be dead after all.

Seriously, though, it's an embarrassment of comics for anyone with access to the program. Not all of them are Cap solo adventures, either. There are plenty of appearances elsewhere, though strangely, none of his team-ups with Spider-Man, which are either not digitized yet or not coded as such. You'd think that pairing would get a higher priority.

Anyway, while I can't go over everything in the digital cloud, I do want to highlight some things of interest that are there:

Classic Cap

There are 11 issues of All Winners Comics, in a format that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. If you thought the Cap comics sequence of the movie was cool, or like Golden Age stories or just want to see how they handled Cap during the war, here's a great place to start. Marvel also has the first 8 Captain America Comics available as well, including the one with the cover of Cap punching out you-know-who.

1960s Cap

Curious to see how Stan Lee and company brought Steve Rogers back into the modern world (of the time, at least)? The digital site has Cap's early adventures in the pages of Tales of Suspense and later Captain America.

Cool Cap Creators

Marvel has some of Cap's adventures at the hands of 1970s Jack Kirby (not as good as it sounds), the Stern-Byrne team, and Mark Waid, all under the 1960s-1990s Captain America title. All of those are worth sampling in my opinion, though beware of the Kirby.

Brubaker Cap

There is a ton of Brubaker Cap on the digital cloud for Marvel. Pretty much every issue of Brubacker's run is available here for you to try. Make sure you go by title and not by character, though--once Steve is not in the issues per se, searching by character reveals tricky results.

The First Avenger

That's not technically true, of course, but it's a great tag line. The Marvel DCU site has a little over 100 issues from the first run of Avengers, and just about all of 'em are from times when Steve was in the group.

Prefer New Avengers? Cap's appearances are here, too, as are the first issues of the Heroic Age.

Crossover Cap

Wanna see Cap within the larger Marvel U? There's many a guest appearance, but most notable are probably Secret Wars, Secret Wars II, Operation: Galactic Storm, and Civil War.

I am really impressed with Marvel's digital Cap collection. Check it out and see what you think!