Digging into Digital: Bring Your Wallet!

Happy Wednesday!

I used to love Wednesdays. They were the day I'd go to the comic book shop and blow my allowance or my part time job money or later, my full time job money. Just because I've moved away from paper single issues into digital doesn't mean Wednesdays aren't important anymore. Far from it! There are plenty of new comics on digital Wednesdays to be had, each and every week.

In fact, today there were so many interesting digital things announced that I thought a round-up post was in order. So get out your checkbooks credit cards and start reading! You're bound to find a comic (or two or three) that interest you in this list...

While DC is getting a lot of press for making their comics day and date digital, it should be noted that Boom! Studios has been doing that periodically for a few years now. Today, they announced that Elric, the latest adaptation of Michael Moorcock's creation, would be a day and date digital release. For those who can't wait for later to read this series by Chris Roberson and Francesco Biagini, you can pick it up now on the various Boom! Studios digital platforms for $3.99. I liked the FCBD story quite a bit, even if I'm not huge fan of the character. If you liked P. Craig Russell's various takes on Elric, definitely grab this as soon as you can.

If fantasy isn't your thing, how about time traveling and westerns? Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti's Trailblazer is also a day and date release. Comixology has this Image Comics production from the prolific team with a special edition that includes the script for $5.99.

Comixology also has Alex Ross's Project Superpowers on sale for 99 cents an issue until tomorrow, July 7th. This attempt to revive the golden age public domain heroes was quite a bit deal when it debuted. If you're curious about it, you can't beat the price here.

Meanwhile, Archaia and Graphicly have teamed up to run some summer specials on a few of their comics. This means that Fraggle Rock and Mouse Guard are on sale, among other things. If you're a bit concerned about the interface, I can tell you that Graphicly has greatly improved the reading experience on their web platform.

Last but certainly not least, Dark Horse is doing an awesome job with their own digital store, providing new comics and specials on a regular basis. The big news from them is a 17 comic Hellboy bundle for only $20. They promise that these comics prepare you for the new comics upcoming from Mignola and company, but even if they don't, reading Hellboy for the price of a McChicken each? That's digital comics at its best, people. Dark Horse is also staring to digitize Bride of the Water God, which makes it (I think) the only non-Apple place to get legal manhwa. Bride is incredibly pretty, too, so if you've never read a Korean comic, you are in for a treat.

Whew! I certainly hope you weren't planning on saving money this month, because here I am spending it all for you in just one day!

There are so many good digital comics out there. If you end up getting any of these, tell me how you liked them! Know of any other digital comics specials? Tell me!