Sunday Readings 6-26-2011

Here are some things I found interesting for your Sunday reading pleasure...

Let's lead off with a tribute to the ALA Conference, courtesy of Nedroid. (Nedroid is a great webcomic, by the way, and one you should be reading.)

In other news this weekend, Peter Falk, one of my favorite actors, passed away on Friday. Dave Wachter painted this awesome tribute to Falk's most famous character in honor of his passing.

Oh! Just one more thing. Wachter also did a nifty set of Batman villains.

Staying with Batman for a minute, Tintin Pantoja was taking sketch requests, and did this hysterical Nightwing parody for me. She's promised me another one sometime later, and I can't wait. This reminds me of something Marvel might have used as a one-page filler back in the day, if they ran Batman.

And because he's my favorite in the Bat-verse, here's more Dick Grayson goodness. Meanwhile, Chandra Free's late-night brain explains why you shouldn't invite Superman out for breakfast.

I admit I'm rather jaded on the whole DC "reboot that's not" thing, mostly because I'm not the audience DC is looking for. Here's Dave Carter's look at the books, however, and which ones he's probably going to buy. Any way you slice it, that's a lot of comics to be buying in a month. I just don't see how DC can keep that propped up, month in and month out for long.

Want to get new readers for your comic books? Chris Sims argues Marvel and DC need to start offering free webcomics as in-continuity loss leaders. Wasn't that sort of what My Space Dark Horse Presents was? Anyone know if those comics drew traffic to the paper books?

Meanwhile, a Wired article written by someone with an extremely limited knowledge of comics trying to say digital comics are good and the future. Or maybe they're not. Or maybe they'll kill paper comics. Or maybe not. I mean, is this what passes for print journalism these days? I wouldn't know, because I use this crazy thing called the internet. Why do magazines do this? Would it be too hard to find a good comics blogger and give them a few hundred dollars to write a quality piece? I mean, how hard would it be to find Johanna Draper Carson, Chris Sims, Brian Hibbs, or any number of well-known writers, and ask them to elaborate on things they've already written for free on their own sites? Sigh.

On a happier note, Robot 6 reminds us that no matter how bad the Simpsons TV show gets, their comics are still just as good as ever. Can you imagine the Easter Eggs in a Zander Canon Simpsons comic? Is it September yet?

Lastly, congratulations to everyone in New York who is now able to assert their right to be married to the person of their choice and make them their legal life partner. (If that bothers you, I'm so sorry for your lack of openness to love in the world, and I hope you change your mind in time.) While there are plenty of obvious drawings out there about this, I rather like Pantoja's choice. Who better to represent Might Marvel's New York than its two urban protectors? Good for you New York!