Sunday Readings 6-19-2011

Good Morning, and Happy Father's Day! Here are some links for your down time on this holiday Sunday...

I think this might be the most accurate portrayal of Namor from a body language perspective that I've ever seen, from Aviv Itzcovitz.

And this might be the most fun re-imagining I've seen yet on those blogs that give artists a chance to re-do classic work.

Leah Palmer Preiss has my favorite Animal Alphabet entry this week. Love the link between the animal and the letter. And how did I go so long without knowing someone is drawing the Supreme Court as animals?

I've been spending a lot of time thinking about my comics reading habits. This is an older article discussing sales chart data and how much Marvel and DC dominate it. Are their single-issue comics really that much better? What if everyone who complained about things the big two did dropped one comic each from those companies and picked up 2 indie comics to replace it? I wonder how that would change things. Might need to talk more about this another time.

On the subject of good comics, here's yet another older piece, where Brigid Alverson interviews Jim Ottoviani, which long-time readers know is a man who does great historical biography comics, with just a hint of embellishment. If you've been scared away by terrible Bluewater books, try Ottoviani's instead, and see what a good bio comic can look like.

Brigid also has a roundup of manga news for MTV Geek, which is also worth checking out.

Finally, courtesy of David Brothers, this link is for my friends Noah and Seth: An extremely awesome customized pinball table.

What are you reading about online this Sunday?