Sunday Readings 6-12-11

Happy Sunday! Here are some links for your Sunday reading pleasure, all centered around folks from Heroes Con.

I finally got to meet Ben Towle at Heroes after talking to him frequently on Twitter. Here's a sample of Ben's work, complete with a theme (and a food item) close to my heart.

Ben is the mind behind the Animal Alphabet, which has reached J. This was my favorite of that letter.

The Inimitable Chris Sims was also at Heroes. Check out the awesome Jack Kirby themed sketches he got at the convention.

Daniel Govar of the comic Azure posted these redesigns for the New Mutants just before coming down to Heroes. I'm not a huge fan of the characters, but I love the conceptual work Govar does here.

Another cool guy from Artist's Alley, Joe Carroll, gives a robot a tattoo.

Enjoy your Sunday!