Sunday Reading 5-15-11

Here are some things I came across that might interest you that definitely interested me, as I sit here on what has turned out to be a lovely Sunday afternoon...

Cornered is a fun blog that looks as those almost-forgotten (and probably not really missed) boxes that featured the main character in case they were shoved behind others on the (somewhat missed) news rack or spinner. This is a shiny Daredevil and here is an awesome contribution from when Anthony Vokojevich was only ten. Me, I never progressed past stick figures! Also notable of late was Mike Maihack's Supergirl. Mike draws Cleopatra in Spaaace!, a webcomic I've been following since it started.

Panel Patter favorite Joey Weiser lifts his creative curtain and explains his original ending for Cavemen in Space, speaking of things dealing with the outer atmosphere of the cosmos.

Another of my favorite artists, Jeffrey Brown, keeps us posted on what he's been working on last month. That's a lot of projects to juggle, but I'm glad he's doing so well.

Talkin About Comics talks about Robot Dreams by Sara Varon. This was one of the early comics I discovered when I really started reading non-capes stuff more frequently. His take on the book is interesting.

Perhaps I should try this approach at the Viz offices, but request Android instead...

I'm extremely excited that Andi Watson is doing new Skeleton Key comics, and I'm even more excited that there's a good chance they'll end up on the Dark Horse Digital app, even if I have to wait a bit. This seems like a great excuse to break out my trade collection. Way to do things in a quality manner, Dark Horse!

Speaking of online happenings, a site I didn't know about before called What Things Do is coming back, with Kevin Huizenga and John Porcellino among the contributors. There are so many digital options out there these days!

From the webcomic front, Bug, which is still going strong, has a funny series on raising the son of the devil, starting here. And, just a bit older, Dinosaur Comics destroys common games.

Lastly, in honor of seeing the great Thor movie yesterday, here's Sean Phillip's Iron Man, Steve Lieber's Thor, and Chris Samnee's Captain America. Avengers Assemble!