Sunday Reading 5-01-11

Good Evening! Things are still a bit of a mess from the Takahashi Manga Movable Feast, but here are a few readings for your Sunday evening pleasure...

First off, a slightly older but still interesting article about kids entering the digital comics world in a big way. I am rapidly joining the digital revolution, but as usual, the kids do it first. Publishers really need to be taking notes here.

Speaking of publishers taking notes, I thought this look at what wasn't selling at Border's rather snarky and enlightening, all at the same time.

What *are* selling are these daily sketches by Scottie Young and Scott Morse. They're kind enough to blog 'em first, so have a look at what happens when Magneto tries to host a dinner party.

Sean Gaffney was at my virtual dinner party, writing extensively about Rumiko Takahashi. He also examines things like the difficulty of getting popular manga over to the English-speaking world. I had no idea sports manga was so popular!

I do know why the Hernandez Brothers are so popular. Here's Kirk vs. Picard and some Superhero work by Fantagraphics' stars.

Fantagraphics also has some good webcomic selections, which is apparently a regular feature of theirs I need to start keeping an eye on.

Sketchbook Fun 1: Juggernaught and Conan by Ron Chan

Sketchbook Fun 2: Cthulhu by Rafer Roberts

Happy Sunday, everyone!