Takahashi Manga Movable Feast Day Six Links

Who needs Saturday Morning Cartoons when you have Saturday Morning Rumiko Takahashi Manga Movable Feast links? It's Day Six, and there's still more great Takahashi reviews and commentary to read as we get closer to the end of the Feast.

It's been a great Feast, with plenty of glasses raised and meaty issues digested. But tomorrow is the final round, where we have a nice dessert of final links. So if you want to contribute to the Feast, please make sure you tell me about your link by email (trebro@gmail.com) or on Twitter (@panelpatter) by tomorrow night so I can give you a seat at the table. We never turn away a last minute guest!

Don't have a blog? Don't worry; I'll happily host for you!

Now let's see what's happening in today's links...

General Discussion

We've seen a few reviews from the fine folks at Manga Village, and in this link the group gets together to discuss their reaction to Takahashi, their experiences with her work and more. It's a nice capstone to the Feast and shows Takahashi's far-reaching impact on the English-reading manga world.

Mermaid Saga

Here's Ash Brown of Experiments in Manga returning one more time, with a focus on Mermaid Saga volume 1. One of the pleasures of being the Feast host is getting to see so many people praise this excellent series.

Ranma 1/2

Another pleasure of hosting is getting to meet bloggers you don't know. Rochelle Dumlao of Magnetic-Rose.net gives us 5 reasons why poor Kuno is fated to be a bachelor. You kinda knew what #1 would be, didn't you? Really nice character study, and not our first about Ranma 1/2 so far this week.

Rumic World

Ed Sizemore looks back at the Rumic World in this post for Comics Worth Reading. As usual, Ed is very good at talking about an anthology work in a comprehensive manner without feeling like he's just checklisting through the chapters. Ed does a great job, as have others, at talking about Takahashi's strengths in the short story genre, given how well she's known for long-running epics.

Anna of the Manga Report also discusses Rumic World, and, like Ed, she praises the short stories of Takahashi. I really like her point that these manga are a great introduction to Takahashi for those who might balk at trying to read something like InuYasha.

Time To Make Fun of Sean

Sean, a frequent contributor to the Takahashi Feast via A Case Suitable for Treatment and a man with excellent music taste, was kind enough to submit to pressure and post one of his Maison Ikkoku fanfics for the Feast. This does not mean we don't get to tease the heck out of him. Thanks for being such a great sport, Sean!

That's it for today! See you tomorrow when we wrap everything up! See you then!