Sunday Readings 4-3-11

A few things, here and there, for your Sunday reading pleasure...Link

You could easily make an argument that the invention of Harley Quinn is the biggest thing to hit the Batman mythos since the invention of her crush, the Joker. He's a quick sketch of Harley by Lea A. Hernandez to start off your readings.

A member of the MMMS, are you? Try Sean Phillips' Spider-Man on for size, then!

One of the things I love about the online world is how much great pin-up art there is out there, as artists get the chance to try on the work of others. Comics Twart is arguably the best of these sites out there, consistently delivering great work on a different theme each week. This time around, it's Mike Allred's Madman. Here are three of my favorites.

It's even more fun when one of my favorite indie creators plays with the toys of yet another favorite indie creator. Check out Jason homaging Comics Lauriate James Kochalka.

Speaking of Mike Allred, here's this awesome creator adding his own recognizable style to long-time Kirby collaborator, Joe Sinnott. Were I the print-lusting type, I'd want that for my wall! (As an aside, I own the issue he's talking about. It's a hoot.)

Another long-time favorite of mine, Jeffrey Brown, shows an insight into his thinking process as he opts to draw an article rather than write it.

Brigid Alverson gives us a good rundown on what's up with digital comics, and it's not a trick despite being written on April first. There's a few things on here I need to take a look at, as I slowly start to move myself away from print when possible.

I'm not entirely sure it's kosher for this to be online, but speaking of "digital" comics, you definitely need to see some of this vintage Walt Simonson. (Thanks to Ben Towle!)

Lastly, this has got to be the most adorable rendering of the Warriors Three of all time. Sorry, Walt, Jack, John, and company--you've all been beaten out by a cartoon.

What are you reading on a Sunday? Anything you want to share? Tell me in the comments.