Sunday Readings 4-10-11

Welcome to this week's Sunday Readings, where I spend a bit of time linking to some things you might be interested in reading on your Sunday evening. Think of me as a cheaper version of the New York Times.

Or not.

Either way, as I wrap up a day that was heavily weighted towards shonen manga, enjoy these links that are basically shonen free...

I really hope that most people reading this already have Comics Twart on their RSS feeds, but just in case you don't, they're following up an excellent week of Madman pinups with a loving tribute to Calvin and Hobbes. Here's the best of the bunch so far, which manages to homage two great strips at once.

Not much for the funny papers? How about funny heroes instead? Get flexible with a belated Comics Twart look at Plastic Man that I think Jack Cole would have enjoyed.

As you might have noticed, I love comics getting reimagined by other artists. This is a nifty (and trippy) remake of Jack Kirby's Devil Dinosaur, based on an actual Kirby original.

Want more Kirby? Try Dr. Doom singing his troubles in four panels, from Kyle Starks.

I'd hate to leave the other Marvel heavy-hitter out of this, so, with a Tip of the Cap to Ben Towle, here's Fred Hembeck drawing all of the Ditk0 Spider-Man villains.

Maybe we should ask Hembeck, Starks, or just about anyone else to rehabilitate these badly-dressed Batman villains. (Courtesy of Caleb from Every Day is Like Wednesday.)

In a completely different direction, webcomic Balderduck has a meeting of the maze minds. (I know I'd play a game based on this!)

Speaking of webcomics, Cleopatra in Spaaaace! artist (yes, there are four As in space) Mike Maihack is going to be part of the Archaia Studios' Jim Henson Storyteller project. Here's a quick sample.

Archaia should be proud of getting nine Eisner nominations, no mean feat for a smaller publisher. I already gave my thoughts on the Eisner's yesterday, but if you need a rundown of the complete nominations, they're right here.

Not strictly comics related but ultra-cool is the news that they've found some "new" Dr. Seuss stories. I for one can't wait to read these, no matter how similar they are to existing stories.

Lastly, this is a sad story but true about getting paid as a cartoonist. Go buy something direct from a creator you like after reading it. That will help them and maybe make you feel a bit better, too.