My Podcasting Debut: Manga Out Loud on Barefoot Gen

I am deeply proud and honored to announce that my first appearance in a podcast is up and ready for your listening pleasure!

Please join host Ed Sizemore along with Sam Kusek, Patrick Jones, and myself as we wrap up the February Manga Movable Feast by discussing Barefoot Gen. As Ed noted to me on twitter, there were so many other things we could have covered, including Gen's father, who gets left out of our conversation.

I am so afraid that I sound like crap or come off like an idiot, but I also think I made a few good points as we went along that might not have made it into my reviews relating to the series. (I was happy to point out that Nakazawa and Tezuka share artistic sensibilities, for instance, something I'm pretty sure I missed while blogging the series.) Ed is a wonderful host, keeping the conversation moving and bringing up great talking points. Sam's passion for the manga really shines, and I'd never have guessed Patrick hasn't finished the series yet, based on his strong knowledge of the story and other material surrounding it.

Go have a listen to three very knowledgeable people talk about a great manga, and if you can stand it, hear me say a word or two as well. The link to the podcast is here.