The Dream, Dream, Dream Zine

Written by Leann Leake

Want to know how to take control of your dreams, remember them better, and have an overall more enjoyable sleep experience? Then this is the zine for you. Subtitled "How You Can Lucid Dream," Leake takes her reader on a handwritten adventure through the process needed to be more aware of what is going on around you when you sleep.

What is lucid dreaming? It's the act of taking control of the situation in your dream. Don't like that you're a fry cook at a unicorn burger joint? In a lucid dream, you can quit and become the astronaut you always wanted to be. If you ever have a lucid dream, you'll know right away. They can be, as Leake describes, some of the best sleeping experiences imaginable.

Unfortunately, they can also be a pain in the neck. I lucid dream on a regular basis, willingly or not. Some nights, that's just about all I do, and when I wake up, I'm as tired as if I just got back from a marathon. Lucid dreaming is not mentally restful, something that Leake omits. Do it too often and you may be wishing to get back those halcyon days where you slept like a baby without a single memory to your credit.

I think that the advice Leake gives in developing lucid dreams is quite valid, based on my own experiences. She encourages dream journaling, which I don't really do but I've read elsewhere helps the mind expand. The key here is that while Leake might have some personal fringe philosophies in relation to dreams it never finds its way into these pages. The reader is given only the facts of lucid dreaming as Leake sees them, which I think is a good thing.

About my only problem with this zine is the handwritten text. I know it really gives the zine a homemade feel, but it also makes it hard to read. Some people interested in the subject of lucid dreaming might be turned off because of the lack of typed print (I almost was), which would be a shame.

Leake ends the zine with a sample lucid dream, giving the reader a good idea of what to expect. I always love hearing about dreams, because things are so messed up and yet also have a certain dream logic to them that if you think about it within the context of the universe makes perfect sense. Isn't that true of the waking world as well?

I enjoyed The Dream, Dream, Dream Zine a lot. Anyone interested in dreams should, too. You can even pick up a copy from Leake at her website. Those wishing to try lucid dreaming can get a good start here in this little zine.