Sunday Readings 11-28-10

A few things I came across over my week of reading blogs and stuff that I wanted to share...

First off, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday taking stock of the good things in our lives, including the fact that we live in an embarrassment of riches when it comes to comics. Here's Terry Moore using some of his more familiar characters to wish us all some holiday cheer.

Speaking of things to celebrate, Happy Blogging Anniversary to Manga Xanadu, who just hit three years of looking at manga and other comics. The anniversary marks a shift towards concentrating more on manga and electronic reading. Here's to at least three more years!

It's always fun to see creators play with other characters. Here's diary comics writer Anthony Woodward covering some Jack Kirby Demon. And courtesy of Brigid Alverson, who found this first, Tintin getting mashed up with a little Lovecraft. Be sure to click on all 4 of Murray Groat's creations that make me want to read longer versions.

Then again, sometimes you just feel like drawing a rhino. Be careful of the headbutts!

We haven't had snow in Baltimore yet, but even Batman meets his match when a blizzard hits.

I know you want to get the best deals, but be careful what you do to get it, eh?

Lastly, here's a comic for those who had to clean like a supernatural being in preparation for the family. Next year, make them hold the shindig at *their* place!

Happy Sunday, everyone! Enjoy your readings!