10 Days of Halloween Horror!

So big, you'll find it on TWO blogs!
A crossover classic with The Book Stew!

It's my favorite time of the year, Halloween! You can have Christmas's jolly red fat guy--the only red suit I want to see is on a devil. A roasting fire better be burning a witch at the stake. Forget four calling birds--give me screeching ravens!

I love the horror genre, from comics to movies to books, and I can't wait for October to arrive every year so that I can share that love with others who only look at the darker side of fiction during this month where Fall really gets into gear.

Time to celebrate with 10 days of reviews relating to comics and books with a horror theme, some looks back at my favorite horror comics and books, and whatever else I can think of to fill this space with as much holiday cheer as I can. Don't be a bit surprised to find

Now be prepared to spend some terrifying days here at Panel Patter and also The Book Stew, as we look for skeletons in the closet, ghosts in the shadows, and poltergeists within the panels! Enjoy your time...while you're still alive.



Look for new posts every day with some creepy comics and books that I don't recommend reading at night. Don't forget to share your own favorites with me. The scarier, the better!

Have a great 10 days of Halloween Horror, and I'll see you over on the other side....

[Great drawing of Vincent Price by Cowboy Lucas. Check out his DeviantART page. There's lots of cool stuff on there. Dr. Frankenstein shot from the classic Karloff version.]