Written by Steve (Rum Lad) and Isy (Morgenmuffel)
Illustrated by Steve (Rum Lad) and Isy (Morgenmuffel)

This zine/mini-comic is a collaboration between two zinesters, neither of whom I'd read before, something that I definitely need to correct soon. The two met together for some travels across the countryside, a DIY festival and more. Part travelogue, part informational comic, our creators alternate pages but things link up amazingly well, despite their slightly differing artistic styles.

After a brief introduction to the comic, Isy begins by relating how she meets up with Steve, and soon the two are hiking in the winter--in exactly the wrong kind of clothes. They carry on, however, and press on to the next part of their trip, tabling together.

Steve's discussion of the joys of tabling are similar to my (very) limited time going to zinefests. They're so much fun to go to, and you always get to meet and talk to interesting people, some of whom are "fest friends," people you see a time or two a year.

The zine ends with some discussion of sustainable food, a noble effort that I wish had more likelihood of being used across the board.

Though I have little connection to their experiences, I was able to understand exactly what Steve and Isy were trying to get across, which shows their skill as writers and illustrators. They both use fine lines, though Steve's work is even finer than Isy's. My only small complaint is that Steve's words are really tiny to read, and I'm starting to get old. Otherwise, this zine looks great and has a compelling story that should appeal to both fans of zines and mini-comics.

I really enjoyed reading this zine, and I definitely will read more from both creators in the future.

Disclosure: I got this copy for free from Black Light Diner, my wife's Zine Distro. If you'd like to buy a copy of rum-muffel, you can order a copy from her.