Mini-Comic Marathon and SPX Previews

So we're a week away from one of the best comic shows of the year, the Small Press Expo. It's September 11th and 12th, and those who like indie comics, mini-comics, under-the-radar work, and a chance to be closer to the creators than at just about any other show should definitely do their best to stop by for one (or both!) of the days.

In celebration, I'm going to go on a blitz here at Panel Patter, featuring reviews of mini-comics I've picked up and also some spotlights on folks who I expect will be tabling at the convention.

I'm planning to be there both days, if all goes well, both to visit with familiar faces and to find a few new ones, too! If you want to say hello, ping me on Twitter (@panelpatter). Enjoy the reviews and features this week, and I hope to see you there!