Doom Patrol Volume 1

Written by Grant Morrison
Illustrated by Richard Case and others

You know, I knew this was going to be good. What I didn't expect was how good. After the bad taste in my mouth that was "Seven Soldiers"--upon reflection, I decided I didn't like ANY of that extended mini--I admit to being a bit leery, even though this was recommended by just about everyone I know that's read it.

We start with a Doom Patrol that is more or less trashed--some members are dead, others in the hospital, and still others doubting themselves. Only the Chief remains convinced of the need for a Doom Patrol. But circumstances can change everything, and as weird beings with scissors for hands start wiping people out of reality, Robotman, Rebis, and some new faces must stop a fictional world from taking over.

The Doom Patrol is born again, ready to take on a god-like Jack the Ripper for the life of a former teammate and also deal with some leftover junk the JLA forgot about in their old HQ. Along the way, Morrison creates oddball characters for which he is well known, gives us one person grounded in reality amongst the strange (Robotman filling the bill this time), and some really oddball concepts. Try dealing with your period when you're a young meta with no parents!

It's hard to put this into words without really ruining the fun by going too deep into the plot. Suffice it to say this is everything good about Morrison--reality bending in strangely plausible ways, characters put through the ringer because he can, and plots that are air tight--and you should read this if you haven't!