Webcomic News: The Spacedock Seven Launches

Seven relatively new webcomics with a sci-fi background have banded together to form the Spacedock Seven, a portal to reach their individual efforts. Started a few days ago, the collective allows each weekly comic to build off the audience of the others.

Conveniently, each comic updates on a different day of the week, giving them the opportunity to have new content on a regular, daily schedule. That's extremely important, given how many comics are available to a reader. Out of sight, out of mind.

Dani Jones, of My Sister the Freak, has this to say about the collective: "Each comic is sci-fi related. That means lots of aliens, spaceships, robots, planets, and babes. What’s not to like about that? Each artist has different styles and tastes, and it’s neat to see how each one handles the genre."

Mike Maihack, author of Cleopatra in Space, notes something that's always important to me, the ability to get into a story from a webcomic: "Even better, all of the webcomics were started THIS YEAR, making every SD7 webcomic super easy to jump on to." He also notes that there are plans to make the hub a go-to place in this age of RSS, with a forum and place for news and extras that can't be seen elsewhere.

The schedule, taken from the website:
I can't speak for the others, but I am a regular reader two of the series already, and I like them both:

  • Cleopatra in Space, a strip that is exactly what its title implies. There's also a talking, cautionary cat involved. It's been a lot of fun, though this may not be the best time to check in on it, because the title character has been out of the last few strips.

  • Gronk is disgustingly cute, featuring a monster who just isn't very good at scaring anyone. This one is really early in its run, but I've liked it a lot so far.
I really like when webcomics are part of a larger family, because odds are if I like one, I'm going to enjoy whoever they want to pal around with in cyberspace. I'll be reading all of these in the near future and should get some time to post a few more webcomic reviews soon.