Introvert #6

Written by Nicole

This is Nichole's personal zine, in which she tackles whatever issue she feels like writing about at the time. For the 6th edition, she discusses something that's the very definition of personal, a family tragedy.

The story begins with Nicole trying to socialize with people she is not intimately familiar with, an awkward situation for her. This only gets worse as she gets the call that turns her life upside down--her four month old nephew passed away of SIDS.

Dealing with Ethan's death takes up the rest of the zine, as Nicole works to both handle her grief and also the various family dynamics that only intensify at stressful moments. The process involved in a child death and the coping are described here, as is the aftermath.

In the back of the zine, Nicole includes information about her commitment to learning more about SIDs and trying to do something, as well as including some information on the illness. We also get a picture as well, to help put a face to the events of the zine.

Nicole hand-writes that this zine was hard for her, but part of the healing process. It's a touching story, even if you can't relate to the exact circumstances. Nicole is unflinching in her personal zines that I've read, and this is no exception. She is very good at writing in a way that is both close to her and yet able to make the reader understand what she wants to say.

If you are interested in obtaining a copy, you can do so at Click Clack Distro.