Kool Aid Gets Fired

Written by Tim Piotrowski
Illustrated by Tim Piotrowski

Grabbed at the Small Press Expo in 2008, this 28 page zine comic, colored primarily in gray and red, with a few other shades thrown in, tells the sordid take of what happens when a popular advertising icon is given the boot by his employer.

Watch as Kool Aid spirals into depravity after his post-ad life runs from one failure to another, even devolving into scandal--"Yeah, but I didn't know she was diabetic!"--that leads to the ultimate humiliation. Stripped of everything and alienated by friends, he must try to rebuild his life as a "normal" person. But how to do that when most people don't think you know how to use a door?

At some points hilarious, at other points poignant, Mr. Piotrowski's comic is better than, well, Kool Aid. The artwork is solid and combined with the intriguing use of color, stands up with any indie comic. Since it's not going to be in the local store, I'll point you to where you can get it directly from the man himself. [Editor's note: Book is OOP, but he's working on a re-issue.] I think you'll be glad you did.