Tarot Cafe Volume 4

Written by Sang-Sun Park
Illustrated by Sang-Sun Park

This continues the story of Pamela, the immortal Tarot reader. There are three stories this time around. The first is a rather confusing ghost story about an abused girl with butterfly issues. Next up is a reading of Pamela's past, where we learn of her pact to cure herself of the dragon's gift of immortality. Lastly, Pamela meets a rocker who's on a quest to save his life even as she seeks to find a way to end hers. He's made a deal of his own with a sprite who'll make you famous--for a price.

Park has a very precise line-drawing style that works well for this type of manhwa. The stories continue to be good, but this will be the end of the road for me--the library only has the first four volumes and I don't like this one quite enough to buy the rest unless I found them for very cheap. However, this manhwa does rise above a lot of the ones on the market and I am sorry to see it go.

[Editor's note--the library has the rest of the series in now! Yay!]