Webcomic I Like: Monster Isle

I don't read a lot of webcomics, which is kinda weird, because I'm always online and I like comics. And I use RSS like it's a two-dollar whore, so it's not like I can't say I have no way of following them.

So I guess my resolution for 2010 is to try and read more webcomics.

We'll start this off with Monster Isle from a favorite of mine, Joey Weiser. A weekly comic that comes out in a local paper first, Weiser places it up on his site a week after the print version. Featuring a Godzilla model, a mystical monster, and a space alien, they live together on an Island and have typical Weiser conversations together.

So far, the biggest story is that a Spock-like alien wants to conquer the earth, but might just stay for snacks instead.

If you like offbeat humour and watching comical versions of classic monsters, then give Monster Isle a try!