Written by Sara Lindo
Illustrated by Sara Lindo

Sara has a nifty website at TheLindo, but unfortunately, the style did not allow me to grab an image to give you an example of her art. You'll just have to click on her website for details.

Sara calls Lobotomy her first comic, and if so, it's a good one. We get the adventures of a brain split into two parts--a controlling frontal lobe and a passive, artistic rest-of-the-brain. Frontal lobe determines everything, from when they get up to what they do with their day.

So what happens when the "dumb" part of this combo gets the idea to reset the alarm clock? A delightful romp through a day of freedom. You'll see time on the beach (I can relate to that!), watching a movie, brain bowling, and even...brain candy. Meanwhile, the more intellectual slice of brain learns a lesson of his own as he tries to manage without his partner.

By the end, we learn that sometimes, partnerships must be re-evaluated. And that brains look cute in swimming goggles.

Lindo's art style is simple enough, with buildings bending and lines not working perfectly with their surroundings, but the level of detail within this cartoony style is pretty impressive at points, particularly in the store scenes. It's obvious that Lindo took her time to get the drawings she wanted.

With a cute story and well-drawn art, Lobotomy is a pleasure to read. You should pick up a copy if you can find one, but in the meantime, you can read it online here. I' also recommend checking out Lindo's drawings on her site, which are also pretty cool and show the same attention to the art. I definitely look forward to reading more of her work in the future.