SPX Day Two Purchases

Here's what my wife and I got at SPX, Day 2:

Bookity Books:

A Distant Neighborhood Vol 1
A Distant Neighborhood Vol 2
the Surrogates Flesh and Bone by Robert Venditti and Brett Weldele
Cat Getting Out of a Bag by Jeffrey Brown
Little Things by Jeffrey Brown
Incredible Change-Boys by Jeffrey Brown
My Brain hurts Volume 2 by Liz Baillie
Love is a Peculiar Type of Thing by Box Brown
The Myth of 8-Opus Prologue by Tom Scioli

Mini-Comicty Books:

Stardust by the Subterranean Folks
The Definitive Pekin by Jonathan Pekin
The Amazing Adventures of Bill 11 by Bill Roundy
X and the City by Bill Roundy
Yes, Master by Bill Roundy
Pirates Take Manhattan by Bill Roundy
Birch Volume 1 by Justin Madson
Birch Volume 2 by Justin Madson
Birch Volume 3 by Justin Madson
The Three Cent Pup by the Camel City Cartoonists' Guild
Modern Romance by Adam Casey, Leah Riley, and Will Woods
Santa Claus and the Itchy Elf by Adam Casey, Leah Riley, and Will Woods
The Spirit: in contention by Jarod Rosello
The Guide by Denny Connolly
Simple Routines by JP Coovert
Adrift by JP Coovert
Rematch by JP Coovert
Ed Contradictory Vol 2, #1 by Thomas E. Conley
Ed Contradictory Vol 2, #2 by Thomas E. Conley
Rocky Horror Picture Book by Jim Coon
Little Frank by Jim Coon
Little Lost Yeti by Jim Coon
Giant Robot vs. Giant Gorilla by Jim Coon
Meanwhile at SPX 2006 by Adam Casey
Meanwhile at SPX 2007 by Adam Casey
Meanwhile at SPX 2008 by Adam Casey
Josh and Cami Nature Detectives in "Oh Wyoming!" by Josh and Cami
Coexistence adapted by Matt Dembicki
Animal Stew by Matt Dembicki
Monstraccity by Matt Dembicki and Steve Loya
Zero Zero 15 by Various
Zero Zero 19 by Various
One Helluva Month A Tiny Comic Sampler of "The Haiku Life" by Birdie
Afraid by Jarod Rosello

It's a (DC) Conspiracy, I Tell You!:

The Wonders of Science
The Spoils of Crime
The Horrors of War

Something I Was Hoping I'd Find:

Subterranean 2 by Various

Something Jeffrey Brown Made Me buy:

Old-Timey Hockey Tales! by Rob Ullman

All in all, an amazing variety and group of comics. Can't wait to read 'em all!!