SPX Day One Purchases

So this is the rundown on what my wife and I picked up at SPX on Day 1, in no particular order. Almost all of these were purchased, though a few things were on the free table. I only got to read some of them last night, so apologies if there's no recommended note after your work--it just means I didn't read it yet. :(

Book-type things:

Look Out!! Monsters (recommended)
Map of My Heart by John Porcellino
Tales of Unusual Circumstance by Joey Wieser
Plastic Farm Sowing Seeds on Fertile Soil by Rafer Roberts

Mini-comic type things:

Fading Memories by Jeff Gibbons
Late-Night Gang by Joey Weiser (recommended)
Mildly Irritateing by Katie Omberg (recommended)
Suggestion Box by Katie Omberg (recommended)
The Owl by Katie Omberg
How to Master a Foreign Language in Twenty Pages by Katie Omberg
I Cut My Hair #1 by Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg
I Cut My Hair #2 by Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg
The Worst Kind of People #1 byJames Cuartero
The Worst Kind of People #2 byJames Cuartero
The Germs by Adam Bomb and Ray Decay
Lobotomy by Sara Lindo
Monsters in Sweaters by anne
Fashion Parade! by anne
Is it Bacon? by Matt Wiegle
Underpanting by Matt Wiegle
Monsters & Condiments by Matt Wiegle
Dave the Wank and the Monster Friends by Oshell
Tigerwings! by Megan Brennan
Monster Party Fun Time! by Zan Czyzewski
Soft Hearts, Sharp Teeth by Megan Brennan
The Yellow Wall-Paper by Jon Mosley
Mumbly by Patrick

Things That Look More Like Comics, sort-of
OR "Wow, that's a large mini-comic!" (I love SPX):

Fatalysia by Kemp, Tabor, and U!
Cakewalk by Nate Powell and Rachel Bormann
Girl Ninja Enter the Mall by Rebecca Simms
Girl Ninja Presents Corporate Ninja Saga by Rebecca Simms
DC Conspiracy Free Comic by Various
Adventures in Stereo #1 by Aaron DeLaRosa

Things that Remind Me of Wednesday Comics:

What Makes a Man Dress Up Like a Bat?? by Philly Comix Jam

Things We Got To Support CBLDF:

Grounded by Mark Sable, Paul, Azaceta, Nick Filardi and Kristyn Ferretti
Stagger Lee by Derek McCulloch and Shepherd Hendrix
Cry Yourself o Sleep by Jeremy Tinder
Rick Veitch's Crypto Zoo
Pocket Universe by Rick Veitch
Shiny Beasts by Rick Veitch (w. Alan Moore and Steve Bissette)
Abraxas and the Earthman by Rick Veitch

Wow, we got a lot of stuff! Now time to go get more!