Great Catsby Volume 1

Written by Doha
Illustrated by Doha

I actually read Volume 2 of this way back in 2006 and wasn't really all that impressed. I figured I'd see if maybe it was better from the start.

Unfortunately, I did not find that to be the case.

The great Catsby is about a loser who spends the entire 200 pages moaning about how horrible his life is but never does anything about it.

He has a using, adulterous girlfriend, who he can't get over no matter how awful she treats him. He has a friend who basically props him up by keeping him in house and home, but he doesn't seem to appreciate it.

The whole premise seems to be about anthropomorphized animals who I wouldn't want to be friends with, let alone read about their moribund adventures.

This is just not a series about anything I'm interested in, even giving it a second chance three years later. Like "The Great Gatsby", another book that features people I have no interest in knowing, it's a book I can't recommend.