Zombie-Loan Volume 2

Written by Peach-Pit
Illustrated by Peach-Pit
Yen Press

I mentioned in my review of the first volume awhile back that I liked the concept of this manga a lot better than I liked its execution. Unfortunately, nothing has changed in this second volume, in which I was utterly confused about halfway through. As a result, I can't say that I wanted to keep going after this volume, despite its cliffhanger ending.

From what I can tell, after accepting her fate in volume one, Michiru is back to trying to deny her ability to work on finding zombies and helping them die a final death. She then moves in to a decrepit house and we get a new horny lesbian joining the cast.

Meanwhile, Chika and Shito show that their link together is not one of choice (again, an interesting idea that I wish was better handled, no pun intended) and we also get another, non-zombie player, in the mix, as a schoolmate (I think, it's really so hard to tell), tumbles into the investigate for a killer.

As this volume wraps up, Michiru and the boys are on different trails that I have a feeling will end up on the same path, but as far as the mystery itself goes, I have no clue, even after reading those sections twice.

This manga just has too many lines of action, sound effects, and panels of action for its own good. Packed to the gills, it's just too hard for me to understand what's going on at any given time. I'm too frustrated to care by the end what's happening, and that's never a good thing for the reader. The addition of more characters, one of which is a gratuitous lesbian whose powers apparently only activate after a kiss from a girl (maybe?) was just the icing on the cake for me.

I'm afraid I won't be following more of Zombie-Loan, so if you want to know what happens, you'll have to read it for yourself. Let me know if I end up missing anything.