Sunday Readings 7-5-09

A few things I read here and there over this holiday week...

Comic Book Resources has a nice, lengthy interview with one of my favorite writers, Peter David. He has some interesting things to say about some of his projects over the years, notably aborted DC projects.

Uriel A. Duran King Kirbyizes the Kings of Music.

The Kirby Project blog provides us with another cool pic. This time Paul Conrad gives Spongebob Squarepants the Kirby treatment.

Since I've linked to it twice in one post, I'll make The Kirby Project my Blog of the Week. This blog was created to "showcase creative work inspired by the art and concepts of 'The King of Comics' - Jack Kirby." Sometimes it's an homage, sometimes it's new inks on Jack's pencils, but it's almost always great work. Check it out!

I love Rob Liefield presents pages from the Marvel 1993 Annual Report. This one is not to be missed, as Marvel literally turned their shareholder information into a comic book starring Spider-Man, Iron Man, and Wolverine versus Arcade.

Lastly, Comics Critics gets the last word (for now) in on the Dwayne McDuffie JLA fiasco.