Sunday Readings 5-31-09

A few things I've read here and there and want to share:

Robert Crumb sells out? Mr. Natural appears on a shoe.

Speaking of selling things, one of Robot Six's clever columnists makes an e-bay wishlist of super-items.

Allan Harvey shows us that Jim Aparo was a very appreciative fellow towards his comic book co-wokers.

Yet Another Comics Blog takes DC to school about their collected editions. He makes some really valid points, speaking as a person who almost exclusively buys trades these days.

I don't care that almost everyone else has linked to it, too---Bully wants us to learn the truth about Peter Parker's "bad" love life.

Speaking of Bully, he's this week's Blog of the Week. Bully, a stuffed bull who stands in for his blog's creator, titled his blog "Comics Oughta Be Fun." I firmly agree, which is why I find his posts, like the Parker one above, or the similar cover shot profiles or the "365 Days with Ben Grimm" feature to be a must-read every day. Bully takes the funny road to comics blogging, and if you share my sense of humour, you'll likely share his, too. Check him out!