Sunday Readings 05-10-2009

An all-Batman edition, because nothing says Mother's Day like Batman!

Blog of the Week: What else but the resurrected Daily Batman? Featuring a daily panel or something similar related to the Caped Crusader right to your RSS reader. I thought this one was a goner, but it recently returned to action. Hmm...Bruce dies and this site comes back...a coincidence...?

Living Between Wednesdays has a nifty little feature about some obscure Batman foes.

President Awesome thinks that our duly elected leader may have done some serious redecorating of the White House.

Io9 gives Bats an honor (of sorts) by having him head the list of top ten mentally ill superheroes.

The economy can even be hard on billionaires like Bruce Wayne to the point of holding a...garage sale?

And, in honor of my dubious holiday theme--a very long and well thought out article about the identity of Holiday from "The Long Halloween," which I badly need to re-read.

Remember to honor your mother the way she'd want you to--reading geeky comic links!