Sunday Readings 05-03-2009

Some cool comics-related stuff I found here and there over the week...

Can't get enough of Free Comic Book Day? Try Free Comic Book Month!

Who says comics aren't education? Not Seattle, who put together a comic about the 1918 flu outbreak in light of the recent pig flu. It's downloadable!

Paul Grist, who does the interesting series Jack Staff, is posting a new comic to his My Space, Eternal Warrior. That link takes you to the first page, use the previous button to work through what's up so far.

Need something to scare little children? Try Alan Moore reading Watchmen.

Kate Beaton, who writes a series of comics taking a wry look at history (and recently hit the big time on My Space Dark Horse Presents), finally gets a book out! I hear it's sold out already, which is really cool. I have a similar work in zine form from her, and it's laugh out loud funny. You definitely need to check her out.

Topless Robot will clue you in on a movie star's dirt every time, like Wolverine's 10 Least Badass Moments.

Blog of the Week: Peter David has long been one of my favorite creators, and his online presence is a strong one, going all the way back to the days of AOL chats, if I am remembering correctly. He's often a polarizing figure in comics (most recently for a very small part--if any--of the Scans Daily thing), and his strong opinions can sometimes lead to heated discussions on his blog. But, agree or disagree, David's pointed--and witty, of course--comments on everything from comics, movie, television, politics, and even bowling are always entertaining. He's out there just like the rest of us, sharing his thoughts, and I for one am glad for it. If you like his comics, you will, too.