Introducing Manga Mondays

In an attempt to bring a bit of structure to the blog as well as to do a bit more reading in a genre I like but don't always get to, Panel Patter is proud to present Manga Mondays!

Manga Mondays will kick off with a post relating to any interesting manga news I happened to have read over the past week, then be followed up with a few manga reviews for your reading pleasure. As with the trade and graphic novel reviews, they'll often be older works, either old friends to you or something you might have missed. My manga reading is 95% library-based, which means I'm often a little behind the latest releases.

So if you're into shojo (and who isn't, other than my wife) and all the other things generally lumped into the manga category at Borders, then Monday is the place to be at Panel Patter!

I look forward to your comments!