Sunday Readings 04-12-2009

[A new feature where I link to some cool comics-related stuff I found here and there over the week.]

  • Blog of the Week: Unlike me, Caleb is still addicted to single-issue comics, and therefore wishes that Every Day Is Like Wednesday. One of the first comics blogs I started reading, its best feature is every week when Caleb gives a quick review of the comics he picked up that week. Insightful without spoiling too much or scanning three-quarters of the issue, EDILW helps me keep a general eye on weekly comics while I wait out the trades. But there's much more to this blog, as Caleb also posts longer reviews about the graphic novels he purchases, comics-related media, and other pieces relating to comics (often witty), keeping content going all week long. He also draws some parody comics now and again, which are also a hoot. One of the blogs I check daily, Every Day Is Like Wednesday should be on your feeder's pull list.
  • Over at Comics Should be Good, Greg Burgas randomly picks a Wolverine comic from the nineties, and finds the results are, quite literally, not pretty. "I have never heard of Chris Alexander, but he has that whole 'Early Image Style' crap down pat, but it’s a knockoff of the originals (Lee especially, of course), so it’s just painful to look at. Everyone is posing all the time, the anatomy is mind-bending, and Wolverine’s hair changes length panel-by-panel." I actually was reading Wolverine regularly when this came out, and really, it wasn't any better in context than Burgas describes it out of context.
  • The Eisner nominations are out, and some are upset at the lack of Manga nominations. Personally, I'm just happy to be allowed to vote on the Ignatz Awards.