Ceres Celestial Legend Volume 2

Written by Yu Watase
Illustrated by Yu Watase

Finally picked this one back up after a long time. Aya is in serious split personality mode as she fights with the celestial legend within her. (And props to Watase for not teasing that plot point out to the point of tedium--she gets right to the heart of the matter in only the second set of issues in an ongoing series, which may be a manga record.)

Most of this issue is spent explaining the legend itself--we learn as the character learns, a nice touch--and following the reaction of Aya, her brother Aki, and the scheming family that wants her dead. Or do they? You there, there's a lot to be said for keeping things in the family, especially when they bring untold power to bear...

Watase places an interesting set of circumstances into play--Aya is not the only avatar of the past, and those she loves the most may be forced away from her as a result. In addition, the only "cure" for when she Cereses out is so shojo it's cute, but works within the framework of a story based on complex relationships. I'll fully admit I don't quite get what's going on with Aya and Aki's relatives, other than they're creepy, but I think that's more my fault than the story. I'm sure I'll get more as the volumes progress.

Watase's line work is strong and the plot is compelling enough to keep my going, at least for now. I do find her dialog to be just a bit simple, especially for the story being told. It feels like a grade school text placed on a teenager story. However, it's not enough to jar me out of the story.

I'd say this one's worth grabbing, but only if your shojo meter, like mine, is high.