Legion of Superheroes Volume 1

Written by Mark Waid
Illustrated by Barry Kitson, Leonard Kirk, Dave Gibbons and various artists

I'm not a big Legion fan, so there's no sense of changed continuity for me. However, I understand that the Legion has been rebooted more times than the American economy lately, so perhaps there really isn't any strong continuity to be destroyed in the first place. Regardless, for me personally, this was just about story, and I thought the story was pretty good.

The idea is that teens all over the galaxy in the 30th Century want to help shape the future, but the adults of the establishment, especially the police, don't want them to have a say. Well, sooner than you can say, "teenage wasteland", there's a call to form a legion of superheroes!

As with most Mark Waid-written comics, there's a lot of connections between the characters and the plot he's building as we move along issue by issue. It's a quality story that doesn't take all that well to modern DC comics, which stress overarching concepts rather than stories within individual books. It's a shame because Waid was definitely on to something here, and Kitson's art is sharp as always. I need to see if I can track down volume two.