Sorry Top Cow

So I read how Top Cow is going to work on keeping their comics at $2.99. "That's pretty cool," I thought as I read it.

Then I started to think how I don't buy any Top Cow comics, and, aside from Rising Stars and a Lara Croft trade (which was not bad, all in all, probably because of Jurgens' involvement), I've never read any Top Cow comics.

So I hit their website.

And run smack dab into this:

Now I am very much not a prude, as anyone who knows me can tell you. And I read and like a lot of Vertigo stuff, so I'm no stranger to naked women in comics.

But honestly, comics that look like that from the start--let's tease the teenager with a constant hard-on--have never held much appeal to me, and now that I read more than just cape and cowl stories, seeing that will turn me away faster than "Written by Orson Scott Card."

I poked around a bit and found the "free online" issue of Witchblade had multiple pages of blurred out sex scenes, again designed more to titillate (so to speak) than to tell a solid story. The plot looked confusing and boring, and this was, I think, an origin issue.

Perhaps it's what some people like, and hey, I like things others don't, too, so I'm not going to judge. But while I'd love to support the fact that Top Cow kept their comics at $2.99, I just can't find anything that I'd pay 50 cents for in the bargain bin.

Sorry, Top Cow. Better luck with the 90s Image set.