Polly and the Pirates

Written by Ted Naifeh
Illustrated by Ted Naifeh
Oni Press

Collecting a short series about a girl in an apparently Victorian-age America that did not turn out like the one we know and love. Polly is the best girl in a boarding school with serial bad apples. But what happens when she's abducted by a cutthroat band of Pirates--that claim she's their born leader? The answer is great fun.

Polly cannot understand what's going on, leading to some hilarity as she tries to get home without getting in trouble. Polly ends up learning that sometimes you can't avoid your fate--and maybe you don't want to, either. Before long, she's embracing her legacy and keeping the Navy one step behind her and the men. Can she also deal with another legacy Pirate? And what of her family history? Has she the truth at last?

I put a lot of question marks in this review so as to not reveal too much about what happens. Naifeh manages to juggle the proper lady with the Pirate theme, and does a great job. I'd have liked to know why America has an Emperor and just how old Polly really is, but sometimes you should really just relax, as they say. Polly is a fun romp that I'd easily recommend to anyone.
Naifeh seems to be a prolific writer, I look forward to getting more from him, and hopefully some more Polly stories in the bargain.