Quick Hits: Death of Superman

Written by Various
Illustrated by Various
DC Comics

Another on my list of things that I have but on a review of my comics, I don't see a need to keep. The story itself is fine as far as it goes. A horrible creature known as Doomsday goes through one of the weaker rosters of the JLA and all hell breaks loose. Only Superman can save the day--but at what cost?

Back in the 90s, this was a huge deal, and the story itself is pretty well written, though the frequent changes in writers and artists lends very little continuity. Superman dies doing what he does best--except that, well, we all know they aren't going to kill him.

Looking back on this, the big problem is that it's hard to believe that no other powerful DC hero would show up, or even a smart one like Batman. J'onn refuses to change shape so that he could aid Superman more easily in a team effort. It just seems, looking back, like it was all designed to make this a solo battle without a really good reason put together to do that. (An alien invasion might have helped, for example.)

This is a heroic struggle and a good thing to real for seeing where superheroes of the 90s really started to fall of the track. In the end, though--not something I think I need to keep permanently.