Fantagraphics, How I Love You

You know you've become obsessed with small press stuff when you are counting down the days till you get your order from Fantagraphics. My latest big one--I have a feeling these are going to be once every season things with me--just came in yesterday.

And now, I sit here, putting MOME anthologies (you can get the first ten for only $79, less if you're a member of Fantagraphics' discount group) into my Library Thing and chuckling with glee at all the stuff I'm going to get to read over the next few months. [Edited to add that per Library Thing, the MOME is owned by less and less people. I wonder if that's just a sign of a fad or quality. Part of why I have a review blog is to help others know answers to those questions!]

Other things we grabbed include a trio of Daniel Clawes, a Trondheim short, Jimmy Corrigan, and a mixed batch of horror stuff that was on sale around Halloween.

Fantagraphics, how I love thee!