Days Like This

Written by J. Torres
Illustrated by Scott Chantler
Oni Press

[This was one of the books we grabbed for a dollar. That's a dollar well spent.]

A short graphic novel about the music business in the early 1960s. A local high school girl has a bright future as a singer but will her overprotective father squash her chance at stardom with an upstart record label founded by the ex-wife of a troubled studio co-owner? Watch as our heroine tries to beat the odds to become the next big thing, even if it means crossing her family.

There are a lot of nice touches here, including allusions to more famous singer. Torres and Chantler manage to balance telling the story of the music business with human elements, such as the daughter lost in the power play between two parents or the difficulty a father--any father--would have in letting his girl go into showbusiness. This is just a fine piece of work, and I think anyone who enjoys "oldies" will get a real kick out of it.