Banana Sunday

Written by Root Nibot (Paul Tobin)
Illustrated by Colleen Coover
Oni Press

[Another amazing graphic novel snagged for 100 pennies!]

Intelligent monkeys come to school--what's not to like about that? A young high school student finds an intelligent monkey, a suave monkey, and a dumb--but really strong--monkey under mysterious circumstances. What to do? Fake a research experiment and bring them to your home room!

Hilarity ensues as the monkeys wreak havoc in various ways and a nosy reporter for the high school paper starts sniffing into their origin story. Add that to some snobby students who give the monkeys' keeper nothing but grief and a quirky boyfriend wanna-be, and you've got yourself a winner. The cute art fits the tone and the dialog--especially for the dumb but strong monkey--is laugh out loud funny. This one's a keeper.