Goon Volume 1

Written by Eric Powell
Illustrated by Eric Powell
Dark Horse

More Goony goodness with Eric Powell's part horror comic, part gangster comic, part humor comic. Drawing on the drawing styles of the 1950s, with touches of Kirby, Ditko, Wood, Mooney, and even a bit of Romantic Romita, the comic has a feel unlike anything else being written today. Not even Mignola's block lines can match this, as it's more in your face and colorful. Combining good plots with corny dialog, Powell's Goon is a winner.

This time around we get the resolution to the Lazlo drama of the first (0) trade, as a creature eats the head of the man who knows the secret and promptly goes on a rampage. Can the Goon come out on top? He can, but with a little help from, well, that would be telling! We also have a reunion with fishy Pete that makes fun of the fact that most comics have an omniscient narrator (but how many have an omniscient hand?). If that's not enough, try a human condemned to eat zombie flesh for all eternity. That's comic book gold right there.

But wait, there's more! Santa Claus! Killer creatures! Magicians with real mythological allies! 3-page fillers that are all for a one-line joke! What more can you ask? How about fake comic book-style ads, both for fictional series and products? Or perhaps a haunted house, filled with sordid tales and a haunted sandwich?

If that's not enough, I'll leave you with a line of dialog: "Loony old people who play in the there anything they don't know?" If you aren't interested by this point, well...I just don't know. Grab this. I promise you this long set of teasers is only the tip of the iceberg on an amazing series. You really owe it to yourself to give it a try!