Face Front, True Believer! Panel Patter is Here!

After several months of debating the idea, I have taken the plunge and decided to start my own blog about comics and their cousins. I've been reading comic books since I learned how to read, starting (I think) with Marvel and a few Disney comics and now branching out into the lovely world of indie comics, graphic novels, manga, and other works.

I still read my fair share of cape and cowl books, too, though I give them a more critical eye than in the days when I'd keep pulling the new Spider-Man books every Wednesday, no matter how bad they managed to get. In fact, there really isn't a style of comic I don't read. As my friend Noah put it (applying it to himself, but it also works for me), "I read everything."

This will primarily be a place for my reviews, but I'll also be trying my hand at writing more general articles as well, as the mood strikes me. I've been doing reviews regularly for well over a year now on various forums and will be transferring them here as they relate to new reviews. So long-time online friends may see a bit of duplication. I'm sorry for that, but the goal is to--finally--have the reviews all in one place.

I look forward to interacting with whomever stops by and definitely welcome your feedback. After all, while reading may be a solitary activity, complaining or praising a creative team or a publisher is a group project! Jump in and enjoy!

Excelsior! (Just don't tell Stan I swiped that, ok?)